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Rediscovering San Telmo Through Its Craft Beer Scene por The Bubble

What better way to learn more about one of the most romantic and historical neighborhoods in Buenos Aires than with a beer in your hand?
Pulpería Quilapán

This sad state of affairs is only made worse by the high price points associated with the few imported brands. As a result smaller breweries have begun to emerge all over the country and are quickly making their way to Buenos Aires. Leaving two important questions. Who are these producers and what do their beers actually taste like?

Pulperia Quilapan – Defensa 1344:

The Beer Walk, ends up on a high note: La Pulperia Quilapan. There are many reasons to pay a visit to this Bar, Bistro and Club Social, and they’re all equally good. The terrace, the live music, the old school ambiance dripping with cool and nostalgia, and of course the food. Well, now you have a brand new excuse to visit: the beer. While the Pulperia does not produce any craft beer itself, they have added a considerably large (and admirable we should add) amount of breweries to their menu. You can also buy your favorite ones to take home.

The beer: On this last stop, our guide Leo offered two completely kinds of beer for us to taste. The first one is a lively sample of Belgian savoir-faire: Keusters. Definitely one of the most complex beers we had along the way, and our guide’s favorite. Brewed by a couple of Belgian friends in very small quantities, this beer has a special magic, a unique taste we didn’t experienced on the previous pubs. The second was La Serrana Celta, produced by a very small brewery in the San Luis province. We got the chance to try two varieties: one was smoked, the gingered. The first had a particular taste: you could see some faces frowning around the table. But for us, this is the ideal beer for an Asado. The ginger beer was without a doubt something unique. Forget about ginger tea for beating a cold, ginger beer is officially our new medicine. Definitely what we’ll be drinking this summer.

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